product features

Most of the hospitals are using alkaline chemicals and detergents for washing surgical sheets, due to this the surgical sheets have higher than 7pH and foaming property harmful to human body. Higher pH sheets in contact aggravate wounds and the foaming property leads to bubbles in the blood circulation, very dangerous to human body. Single use Careon surgical drapes and packs are most hygienic and safe.


Using sub-standard, Non-Hygiene and high bacteria level sheets lead to higher infection, irritations of the wound, long healing time, more in take of antibiotic tablets and longer stay of patients in the hospitals. In this era of modern safety facilities and value for human life, Careon is using internationally accepted SMS / different types of absorbent and repellent non-woven modern fabrics most friendly and non-irritant to human body.

All our Drapes and Packs are air tight packed in our most modern clean room and E.T.O. Sterilized. We are offering sterile, non-irritant safe hygienic product, which will add as a successful companion in your surgical operations. We have wide range of Drapes and packs suitable for all type of procedures.

For confirming sterilization, we attach sterile indicator for each packet of our Drapes and Packs. Please allow us to be your most responsible companion to prevent Hospital Infections.

Prophylactic Antibiotics Side effects

Use of antibiotics leads to fatal liver damage Jaundice Brain, Kidney, Neuro, Cardio vascular, Gastro Intestinal damages Decrease WBC count etc. The use of combinations is having higher risk, as the toxicity of one antibiotic will be enhanced by another. Super infection resulting from the use of antibiotics (due to damage caused by the antibiotic in another danger. Above all developing resistant micro-organisms to antibiotic is an International threat (New Delhi syndrome).

Remember the rule of using antibiotics

“The first rule of antibiotic is to try not to use them and the second rule is try not to use too many of them ”