Why Careon

Careon is committed to Control Hospital Infections, We take care of the sterile drapes and packs, wrap sheets to autoclave the instruments and also sterile bed sheets for post operation safety. The hospital has to take care of the theatre disinfections, sterile procedure of the OT people and the patient, the cleaning of the instruments above all stringent post operation care and protection including control of visitors.

Compare the comfort & protection of cotton fabric and medical fabrics

Spun lace (PP non woven)SatisfactoryGood
Spun Lace (dupont)ExcellentExcellent
Careon Single Use ApparelsReusable Options
Assured safetyMay or may not offer total safety
High barrier to blood or body fluidsBarrier properties for reusable apparels decrease with each wash
SMSHigh lint count
High comfort and breathabilityHigh comfort and breathability
Proven sterilization performanceDifficult to prove sterilization performance
Full compliance with the AAMI PB70 Standard (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) Guaranteed performance every timeDoes not comply
Guaranteed performance every timeClipped or pinned reusable linen risks tears and holes during washing, mending and storage. According to an independent study in 1990 by the DuPont Company, a rapid decline in barrier protection occurred through the first 25 washings even when the reusable products were laundered to the manufacturer's specifications
Completely fulfill global standardsDo not completely fulfill global standards
High Barrier Protection from blood-borne pathogens and cross contaminationReusable apparels do not give any protection
Always new, clean, consistent in performance.Performance can be compromised during laundering process (dirt, virus parts, blood etc.)